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At DataIsGood, we take pride in providing quality education and training to our students. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some honest reviews from our students
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Akanksha Tiwari

April 19, 2023

“I had a fantastic experience with the Data Science course provided by DataisGood, and I wanted to share my positive feedback. As a current student, I found the course content to be engaging and practical. The teacher was outstanding, offering personalized feedback and support, which boosted my confidence and improved my skills. I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their data analysis skills and pursue a career in this exciting field.”
Ekta tiwari DataisGood

Ekta Tiwari

April 15, 2023

“I am student of Dataisgood and having a great experience with my data science course. My teachers have been a significant factor in making my experience great by providing helpful guidance throughout the course. The company is doing well in terms of providing quality education and support to its students. I recommend to all other students who interested in Data science please enroll in this course and start learning with great faculty.”
priyanka Thapar1 DataisGood

Priyanka Thapar

August 9, 2022

“The best of what data is good has is the doubt session which I though was quite helpful.. I am really looking forward to end of the course where I can gain some personality development and pursue what I have planned for. It’s been a good time with Data is good. I would like to thank them.”
73x73 1 DataisGood

Sumit Sharma

April 3, 2022

“Hello my name is Sumit Sharma I have done my Data Science course from Dataisgood. It was a nice journey with this institute and I have learned a lot of things from the course. The trainers are very well experienced. Currently working as a Data Analyst in Capgemini.”
Bhanu Yadav1 DataisGood

Bhanu Yadav

August 2, 2022

“I have enrolled in Dataisgood for the 12 months course and now I am being trained for the interviews. The faculty members are very qualified in teaching and I have received so much support from them. I was completely new to the coding world as my experience is in sales. I was confused at lots of places and the team actually provides you with personal doubt-clearing sessions for an infinite amount of times.”
Hamza Masroor1 DataisGood

Hamza Masroor

August 24, 2020

“If you are looking forward to your future as a Data scientist or Data analyst then blindly going with Data is good, as I’ve experienced an amazing journey with what they guarantee and the honesty they mean it.”

Abhishek Mishra

April 27, 2023

“As a student, I really liked the dataisgood data science program. The teachers were super helpful and easy to talk to. They taught us in a way that made sense and showed us how to apply the stuff we learned to real-life situations. The program had lots of cool projects to work on, and the teaching assistants were really nice and supportive. If you’re into data science, I would totally recommend this program.”
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Naveen Chaudhary

May 3, 2023

“If you’re looking to build your skills in data analysis, dataisgood is the way to go. The courses are practical and relevant to real-world scenarios, and the instructors are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. “
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April 30, 2023

“Dataisgood Institute is one of the best places to learn data science. The courses are well-structured, and the instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. The institute also offers career guidance and job placement assistance, which is incredibly helpful for students looking to break into the field. I would highly recommend Dataisgood Institute to anyone interested in pursuing a career in data science.”


April 19, 2023

“I enrolled in Dataisgood’s data science course in January 2023 and I must say, it was an exceptional experience. The teachers are knowledgeable and approachable, providing us with full knowledge and practical work that really helped me in the subject. I recommend Dataisgood to anyone looking to further their knowledge in data science.”

Atul Rajan

August 4, 2022

“It was a great experience understanding the core concepts of Machine learning and Data Visualization was the most interesting. I am thankful to Dataisgood for facilitating these quality and valuable course.”
sa DataisGood

Sunil Arya

February 21, 2023

“Hello Thanks for giving me an opportunity to study Data Science and AI Program in your institute. I really enjoyed the program and i got the certification as well for the Course Completion from IBM. The Trainers are highly professionals and knowledgeable and my mentor Jaya Was quite supportive during my training period. “
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Shreyas Rajendra C.

April 14, 2022

“This course is great, all the two instructors explained the concept in a well-simplified manner, with hands-on practice on My SQL, Google Big Query with Python, Kaggle Notebook, Analysis with Tableau, etc. Thanks to both of them. I would like to recommend this course to all data science aspirants.”
eg DataisGood

Emily G.

September 16, 2022

“Overall I really enjoyed this course and it helped me gain a good understanding of SQL. I also like that it introduced me to BigQuery and some other data visualization tools, and the SQL interview prep was incredibly helpful. I do think that adding in another lecture or two on nested queries would be really helpful, as I was a bit lost on some of the later interview prep questions that needed them. Excellent course, and highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about SQL!”
MF DataisGood

Muhammad F.

May 18, 2022

“This course is from zero level to advanced. the only course on the Udemy platform which is explained in detail and in a simple and easy way. Moreover, the advantage is that you have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical. The quiz section makes the student more curious to learn it in depth. One thing I would certainly add you have 6 free projects including their codes also. I would highly prefer beginners student who is planning their career in this field, should start from this course. Thanks!”
tw DataisGood

Tim W.

May 26, 2022

“When my dad came home with our first computer a TRS80 I remember the joys of programming it to do really, really simple things. I never thought I’d learn a computer programing language again, too hard, too much time, how would I make use of it? Fortunately, I decided to give this course a try, and I am loving it. Easy to follow, easy to learn, and plenty of opportunities to put my knowledge into real-world usage. I highly recommend this course to anyone new to programming, new to Python, as well as people with prior experience looking to next level their skills.”
jy DataisGood

Jatin Yadav

May 8, 2021

“Great course! The instructors are super knowledgeable on the subject matter and can explain even the most complicated things understandably. This course teaches you everything you need to learn to begin developing and using neural networks. This course is well worth the cost. I appreciate the work, great job. Highly recommend this course.”
at DataisGood

Arjun T.

October 20, 2022

“This a course for You, if you want to build up a solid knowledge of Tableau! Very good insights for beginners with exercises. It was a great course and thanks for teaching in a fun and interactive way. Very clear, detailed, and solid explanations of all of the Tableau basics you’re looking for. Highly recommend this course.”
ns DataisGood

Navdeep S.

January 8, 2023

“The course content was crisp, clear, and to the point. Also, It was clearly visible that the instructor put a lot of effort into preparing this well-structured course and she never made me feel bored at any point in the course 🙂 The course is compact and to the point. Having worked with Oracle Reports, had no problem following. I liked the various source data chosen for the entire course. The data made the course look professional. I would definitely recommend this course to whoever wants to make a career in Data Industry.”
sw DataisGood

Sarthak W.

September 15, 2022

“An amazing course for beginners! I thoroughly enjoyed the different courses provided for Fresh Data analysts. The Instructors explained everything very well and clearly. There is a ton of information. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking forward to making their career in a Data Analyst role.”
sg DataisGood

Santosh G.

September 15, 2021

“This course on Data Visualization in Python covers every aspect of visualization methodologies needed for someone to excel in EDA. A great hands-on course for Data Visualization in Python! Covers many real-world examples and scenarios where you can apply the various plots explained throughout the lectures. I am just about to complete this course and I am totally satisfied with it.”
sk DataisGood

Shreya Jayant K.

May 12, 2022

“Awesome course! As a beginner, I found this course very informative and well set out. The explanation is straightforward to follow along, and the examples are good enough to understand the subjects. It is easy to follow and went into depth with the explanations. I would highly recommend it!”
samir m DataisGood

Samir M.

June 10, 2022

“Thank you for this course. I have learned so much and I have enjoyed doing all the learning too.. Very clear explanations and advanced stuff in this course. In addition to creating a great visualization (dashboard), the underlying concepts were clearly explained. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to dive into Tableau seriously.”
jc DataisGood

Jugkapong C.

August 28, 2022

“Excellent course to learn Data Analysis and visualization, this course is well structured, clearly explained, good learning media, and a good instructor. It goes from the basics to advanced topics, which are easy to understand and I enjoyed learning.”
sa DataisGood

Suleman A.

May 1, 2022

“Hi, First of all, I appreciate the efforts you did for the students. You are such nice and talented instructors. Really helpful content for students. Thank you so much for providing us with such helpful, interesting, and informative content. Please don’t lose your momentum and always continue the journey to help the students. Stay blessed stay tuned.”
fn DataisGood

Faiza Nasir N.

May 1, 2021

“It’s really easy to learn since there’s someone who’s actually verbally teaching you and showing you at the exact same time. And the fact I can go back and forward to any video anytime is really great.”
ay DataisGood

Akash Y.

April 1, 2023

“A really great course! It’s a zero-to-advanced lecture. Makes it easier to grasp the fundamental concepts. Easy explanations, and great exercises after each section. Also, the examples and datasets shown in the sections are very useful. Great work, Highly recommend this course!”