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Jumpstart Your 6-Figure Data Science & A.I Career Bootcamp

No Tech or Coding Experience Needed

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Ankit Maheshwari

Data Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur
(20+ years of experience)


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✅  Real-World Four Data Science Projects 📊
Engage with four diverse, real-world projects to develop hands-on data science expertise.

Proven Data Science Blueprint 📈
A step-by-step guide from industry experts, tailored for aspiring data science.

✅  Essential Data Science Skills 🧩
Acquire key skills in statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

✅  No-Coding Shortcut to Success 🚀
Utilize user-friendly tools for data analysis without extensive coding knowledge.

Leveraging Your Experience 💼
Integrate your current expertise with data science to enhance your professional growth.

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This Bootcamp is for you if you are a…

Data Science Aspirants

Data Science aspirant who wants laser-focused guidance to start a high-demand Data-Analyst career.

Non-Technical Background

Comes from a completely non-technical background who has never done coding before

Zero-Coding Experience

Even if you have done a little bit of coding, but never worked as a Data Scientist

Working Professionals

Working professional who wants to upskill and to get into high paying Data Science role.

Wants Recession-Free Career

Build a recession-free career where market ups and downs don’t affect you in any way

If you ✅ checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re invited to join The Transformative Data Analyst Bootcamp for beginners.

And don’t just take our word for it, just look at the results our learners have been getting.

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What are the advantages of opting for the Data Science Bootcamp?

This data Science course is structured for those who have a foundational grasp of data science and are comfortable with computer usage. While knowledge of programming languages such as Python and SQL is advantageous, it is not a requirement.

What are the requirements for enrolling in this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is tailored for those new to the field and requires no previous background. Participants should have a laptop with a minimum of 4GB of RAM, access to the internet, and a keen interest in learning about data analysis.

How long is the duration of the data science bootcamp?

The data science bootcamp spans two days, specifically on the 17th and 18th of February, commencing at 06:30 pm IST. This is part of our data science and AI career-focused bootcamp.

Is it feasible to participate in this data science bootcamp while holding a full-time job?

Absolutely. The bootcamp is designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to engage at your own convenience.

What types of skills will be covered in this bootcamp?

The bootcamp will equip you with technical skills such as Python, Excel, SQL, and Power BI. Additionally, it includes essential skills like basic project management, stakeholder management, and communication. You will also gain business insights in areas like Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, and Marketing.

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