Dev Chapnaeria

Batch Id : DSC04B- Nov

BI Developer

Celebal Technology

        I’ve been an IT engineer for the past three years. I was receiving a good salary,and I had always believed that I had a secure job, so changing it was never an option. But I’ve always had a passion for data. It was lockdown, and the pressure was finally reduced a little. This time, I chose not to disregard my dreams, and I pursued my lifelong ambition. I researched Dataisgood after seeing a YouTube advertisement for them.

I had an excellent response from them beginning with our initial contact. I was hesitant to change my area, but my mentors were always there to help me when I was in a difficult situation. They never felt annoyed regardless of how many inquiries I may pose. I am really appreciative of them. I am very glad I made this choice.”