The Future of Graphics: Unleashing Potential with NVIDIA

Unveiling the Latest Generation GPUs and a Glimpse into Tomorrow

The Powerhouse Arrives 

◉ Unprecedented performance for       gamers and creator

◉ Next-generation ray tracing for hyper-      realistic visual

◉ AI-powered DLSS for smooth, high-      resolution gameplay

◉ Innovative cooling technology for     superior performance

Introducing the New GeForce RTX

◉ AI-powered tools for content creation

◉ Increased performance for complex       3D workflow

◉ Real-time ray tracing for faster, more      accurate rendering

◉ A creator using design software,       powered by the RTX

◉ A stunning 3D animation rendered         with the new RTX card

Beyond Gaming

The RTX Revolutionizes Creation


Blackwell: Revolutionizing large language models for natural language processing and understanding.

NeMo Microservices: Pre-trained AI building blocks to accelerate development of custom AI applications.

NVLink Switch: High-speed interconnect technology for scaling AI workloads across multiple GPUs.

NVIDIA Inference Microservice: Simplifying deployment and optimization of AI models at the edge.

Beyond Graphics

The Power of AI

Real-time, physically accurate simulation platform for design, collaboration, and training.

Project Groot: Enables massive-scale simulations for complex environments within Omniverse.

Partnerships with leading companies like Disney to develop innovative AI-powered robots and virtual experiences.

The Immersive Future

Omniverse and Beyond

◉ Continued advancements in AI        and machine learning

◉ Cloud gaming and the future of       streaming

◉ The metaverse and virtual reality     experiences

◉ Quantum computing and its         potential impact on graphics

The Future Beckons

 NVIDIA's Technological Leap